FREE Delivery & FREE excess waste disposal on fitted orders.

If you can’t make it to our showrooms, you can now order samples, here online. 

FREE Collection

Looking for a carpet only solution? We offer that, as well as a fitting service. You can choose whether to take advantage of our great products and have them fitted by your own fitter, or take advantage of our highly experienced and friendly fitting teams. We have a large warehouse to house and keep them safe until you want them collected or ready to be fitted.

Have it Delivered to your door!

If you are within our catchment area and your order is over £500, we’ll deliver it to you, for free. See what you want online, order a sample and have it delivered to your door.  

First Class Fitting Service

Carpet Fitting Service

Through years of experience, we have found the best fitters to serve our customers, taking the stress out of buying new carpets and worrying about what could go wrong. Rely on us to look after your order and arrange the fitting to cater to you and your needs. 

Fitting Services covered by our Fitters.

Our fitters offer a range of services, from trimming your doors, uplifting and disposing of your existing carpets, stair runners, and subfloor preparation such as ply boarding, screeding (leveling a concrete floor). Please contact us and ask if you have a certain situation you need help with as in many situations a builder would be required.

5 Star Feedback

Our fitters form a vital part of the process and that’s why we’ve made sure we work with the best. Our fitters receive 5-star feedback, forming part of the V & A ethos. We are all about the quality of services, from the products themselves, the advice and the service we ask from our fitters.

How We Make it Easier, for you.

Free Samples.

We offer free samples, sent through the post help make deciding easier. This also helps when going shopping for other items such as furniture, bedding, curtains. These smaller samples are easy to carry in your bag to keep on hand for making decisions on colour schemes for other items to complement your carpets or flooring.

Free Estimating & Measuring Service.

Our World class estimators are on hand to visit you in your home and measure your home to ensure nothing gets missed and avoid mistakes from happening on the day. We can bring larger samples with us for you to view in the comfort of your own home, while we measure the areas for you. We can then give you and accurate quote, or multiple quotes if you are still torn between two choices.

Uplift & disposal.

We also offer an Uplift & removal service if you’d like us to take away the old and fit the new at the same time. This takes the stress out of process and having to worry about the logistics of having to remove it all as well as taking it to the tip. We are licensed to dispose of the waste and it’s just another way we make the experience a pleasant one for you.

FREE Excess Waste Removal.

Unlike the big retail chains, we won’t leave you with the waste of your products. We take away all remaining waste from the packages and waste from your order. And if that wasn’t enough, we don’t charge you for it at all. You’ll find many retail chains add on certain packages which allow as a surcharge for taking away the waste of the items you were sold, such as a “TLC charge” or just leave it with you without mentioning it. We take all this away for you, as part of our service to you, always.

Find it Online, Order it & Pick it Up or have it delivered directly.

Many of our ranges are online to help you find he right flooring for you, at a convenient time for you. You can order samples direct by the products items themselves. If you don’t see the options to on your specific product, simply email us with what you want and we’ll arrange for free samples to be send direct to your door. You can then check them against furniture, curtains, bedding or anything other item you are trying link the colour theme to. Once you’ve received the samples, and you are happy to proceed with the order simply tell us what you need and we’ll get the quote over to you. When you are happy to proceed, simply follow the payment instructions on the quote and we’ll make arrangement for you flooring to be delivered to you and fitted for you on an arranged date that works for you. 

Order your free samples
Choose your Delivery or Fitting Date
Show it off to your friends online

Delivery Options

Engineered Wood Flooring Delivery 

We offer free delivery to your home on all engineered wood flooring, as long as the order exceeds £250. We suggest contacting us regarding your wood orders to ensure you have everything on your initial order to avoid a second order or add things to your order to avoid paying delivery charges. When ordering Wood flooring, this would normally also require soaps and aftercare products to help look after your wood flooring that you might not be aware of at first. There are also thresholds, scotia, mops, soaps and glue to consider. These smaller items normally don’t take you past the threshold are would require a delivery charge if ordered separately. We would suggest wood flooring always be delivered directly to you as it would need 2-5 days to acclimatise in the space it would be fitted. Free samples can be ordered off our website to see the colour and feel the surface in the comfort of your own home, then order to have delivered direct to your home. 

Carpet Delivery

Carpets can be big and bulky to keep in the home if you wish to order and have it delivered direct to our home. We have a large, insulated warehouse to house your carpet until your fitter is ready to collect or we can arrange for delivery the day before to allow for ease of your living space while waiting. Carpet deliveries from suppliers vary, so please call to see if there are any delays. 

Pick Up/Collection

We offer a pick up or collection service for Carpets & Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Once you’ve ordered your flooring, it will come into us and we will store it for an agreed period of time until you or your fitter can collect the items. Simply order the samples direct to your door, order your flooring and tell us when you intend to collect. We’ll do the rest and have it ready for you.